Welcome to the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC). NBCC is a not for profit membership organisation based in the UK, consisting of Norwegian and British companies and business people. Our mission is to promote trade and investment between Norway and the UK, and to provide a platform for companies and business people who wish to become a part of the Norwegian-British trade community. We provide professional networking opportunities and encourage dialogue between members. NBCC members have access to a wide range of business events, marketing services and business opportunities. Non-members are invited to come along to one of our events to find out more.

The Chambers services have three main functions

  • To create a forum for professional and social networking for NBCC members.
  • To act as a channel between members and the Norwegian and British authorities on particular topics of special interest to the members.
  • To participate in the debate regarding trade and policy issues, which are of concern to NBCC members both in Britain and Norway.
  • Most activities focus on members’ meetings and Chamber seminars. The NBCC is an important organisation for Norwegian-British business people in the UK.