Dear Members and Friends of the Chamber,

Echoing Tom’s editorial I would like to thank all our amazing members who have taken an active part in 2018 and I would like to thank Richard Baker in particular for making the amazing website which launched this year with the help from Alice Shaell working on the journey.

2018 has been a busy year on many fronts not least Brexit which has been on the forefront of many minds especially in the business community. I will mention a few highlights from the year which has past to give you a flavour of what the Chamber has been doing and participating in.

We have strengthened the corporation with the other Nordic Chambers not just on the Nordic Chambers Business Forum, this year hosted by Equinor, but also on the Nordic Drinks where we saw the Icelandic Chamber join and in 2019 the Swedish Chamber will participate in one. The success from the Nordic Supper Club this year will be continued in 2019 where all of our members will be able to join and meet each other over dinner.

The mentoring programme was introduced with great backing from our Partner members giving the next generation of business leaders the experience, coaching and guidance from senior directors from within the Chamber’s members.

Lani Bannach took the lead on the Diversity & Innovation Network within the Partner membership bringing academia and major public investments perspective to the forefront.

The most significant change we have made is to the structure of the Chamber by introducing a formal committee structure to ensure transparency, accountability and most importantly of all member participation. We invite all members to take an active part in the Chamber’s activities which you will be able to do by joining the committees. They are as follow:

  • Aberdeen Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Nomination Committee (council members)

On the membership side we have seen a significant increase in the membership from several years of declining membership numbers which is very encouraging. We hope that 2019 will see an even bigger expansion of the membership offering more industry and sector focus within the Chamber.

The Chamber has taken a renewed an proactive role within the Norwegian community and I would like to thank the Norwegian Club, Den Norske Klub, for supporting the Chamber’s cruise this summer as well as working together on the Art Event at SEB – it is great to be able to work together on a common course of gathering Norwegians together both in a social and business sense. With the amazing and beautiful heritage both organisations have, it is fantastic that we work together on shared interests. The 17thMay Committee has been very welcoming and together we worked to make the national celebrations a truly memorable day. The NBCC will support the continued efforts to make this a gathering point together with the Norwegian Church, KFUK, Norwegian Seafood Council, Norseland and many others. It was with great pleasure and honour that the Anglo Norse Society extended the invitation to the NBCC to attend their centenary celebrations, attended by their patrons HM King Harald V and HM Queen Elizabeth II. A special thank you goes to Sir Richard Dale and Irene Garland together with their council in setting up scholarships to the benefit of young people. The close collaboration with the Embassies both in Oslo and London are of the outmost importance to the Chamber and its members. The highlights of the year were the ‘Doing Business in the UK’ in Oslo attended by H.E. Richard Wood and Minister for Trade and Industry Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, and the ‘Human Rights in Business’ in London hosted by H.E. Mona Juul and the embassy.

We have seen additional help on the administration side and I would like to thank Helen Jacobi who helps associations and Alexandria Gogstad and lately Atle Danilo Jordbræk both of whom have joined us as interns as part of their education. It has also been very exciting to be part of the evolution of the Chamber where the Council is taking a new proactive role in shaping the Chamber through the recently set up committees Tom mentioned in his update. They are all set up for all members to join in shaping the Chamber and its activities – as we are an association it is the members’ Chamber and it is important to stress that everyone is welcome to join in shaping our activities and help set the agenda. Giving members a platform is the core of our association and goes perfectly in hand with our mission to be a meeting point for companies and individuals who have an interest the Norwegian and British business communities.

I would like to thank the Norwegian Embassy with a special thank you to H.E. Mona Juul and wish her all the best at the UN where she will take up the ambassadorship for Norway in the new year. We very much look forward to welcoming the new ambassador Wegger Strommenas we previously welcomed H.E. Richard Wood, the new British ambassador to Norway earlier this year.

A special thank you goes to Team Norway and we look forward to working even closer together in 2019. The same goes to the other Norwegian organisations.

Below you can see the 2019 event plan to give you an idea of what is in store for next year.

I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and sincerely hope to see more of you and your networks in the New Year.

God Jul og Gott Nytår

Jan Bertelsen

General Manager

NB: events are subject to change.