We are hereby introducing a new column to the newsletter magazine; The Interns Update! In this column, we, the three interns, will write about our work in the chamber and everything related to it. Our internships give us a unique opportunity to interact with new people from diverse backgrounds, and work with businesses from all sectors and nations. As we are all students, we want to represent new thoughts and ideas. We want to share some of our experiences from the chamber with you.


In this first version of the column, we will start by introducing ourselves:


Name: Atle Danilo Jordbræk

Age: 25

Degree: MSc in Finance and Investment Management

University: University of Aberdeen

Favourite subject: Financial Analysis


Background:Atle’s background is in commercial real estate, which is where he first gained interest in finance. He has international experience from working abroad in China and Azerbaijan and is interested in globalisation and politics. Atle grew up in Oslo, Norway.


Ambitions:Atle is about to do a second masters in financial law this September, and would like to pursue an international career in finance.


Main responsibilities: Organising key evets and meetings at the Aberdeen Office, and general administrative tasks.





Name: Will Åbø

Age: 21

Degree: Economics

University: Lancaster University


Background:Will has a background in Finance, more specifically Commodity trading and Shipping. He has previously done internships in trading companies and more recently in Western Bulk, a Norwegian shipping company. In addition, he has some previous experience in marketing and business promotion. He was born in Oslo but moved to London at the age of two where he has lived since.


Ambitions:Will hopes to one day work in either trading or shipping. However, his immediate priority is to finish his bachelors and go on to take a masters in the US.


Main responsibilities:Website, technology and general administrative tasks





Name: Alexandria Marie Elboe Gogstad

Age: 20

University: King´s College London

Degree:BA/BSc PPE, Political Economy

Favourite subject: Macroeconomics


Background:Alexandria grew up in Norway and moved to the UK in 2017 to do her undergraduate degree at KCL. She has a background from Politics and NGOs where she discovered her interest in economics and trade. She is currently the Chairman of London Høyres Studenter.


Ambitions:Alexandria is particularly interested in the energy sector and is currently exploring a career in consultancy. However, she is determined to welcome all opportunities that may come her way.


Responsibilities:Alexandria is in charge of the NBCC Newsletter magazine and assists with general administrative tasks.





We are looking forward to writing this column and sharing our experiences with you!



All the best,


Intern and responsible for the NBCC Newsletter Magazine