Address to the Chamber

First of all I would like to thank our previous President Tom Nordland for his great contribution to the Chamber.  I am delighted that he will continue as a Council member and Chair of the Aberdeen Committee, so that we can continue to benefit from his input.


I am honoured to be the new President of the NBCC, and certainly looking forward to work with the Council, our General Manger and our members in order to develop the Chamber further.


Our Chamber has been through many changes over the last couple of years, and in that regard I would like to acknowledge the hard work by our General Manager Jan Bertelsen, previous President Tom Nordland and the Council.

Over the last year we have created a committee structure with separate Chairs. Through my experience as Head of the membership committee, I have had the opportunity to observe first hand how effective this new structure has been in involving the Council members in the operation of the Chamber.

I highly encourage our members to join the committees so that they have an opportunity to be a part of shaping the offerings of the Chamber.


Our members are our main priority, and I will make every effort to listen and act on behalf of our members. We will continuously work on increasing the membership base, not only in industries historically being well presented such as shipping, energy and banking, but also expand the base to a broader range of sectors.  I believe that a broader and larger membership base in variation and in size and sector will enable the network to be dynamic and vibrant.


A very important part of the NBCC’s offering are our events, as we believe this is an effective way in which the Chamber can provide a professional and social arena for members and business people.  Going forward we aim to continue to offer a number of quality events to our members.  Cooperation with with other parties, such as the other Nordic Chambers, the Norwegian Embassy, our members as well as other organisations and corporations will contribute to this.


Furthermore, the Chamber will continue to play an important role in the wider debate around the UK/Norway economic and trade relationships though personal representation at meetings/events with government bodies and other trade organisations.  Brexit will remain a hot topic this year, and the Chamber will continue to help the members stay informed on the topic.


I would like to encourage members and friends to stay in touch, and to reach out in order to find out how the NBCC can help facilitating connections and improve business.


I am looking forward to working with you all on these interesting projects that lie ahead.


Annett Åbø

President of the NBCC