Profile piece on Kevin Redfern and Mark Dodsworth



Mark and Kevin first became aware of each other and their respective companies in 2017, working on projects for Business Finland and exchanging pleasantries at monthly Nordic Drinks. But it was meeting in Oslo, at NBCC’s Doing Business in the UK, that highlighted possible benefits of collaborating and supporting each other.

Their businesses are complementary and a natural fit, with both helping businesses expand internationally and penetrate the UK market. Europartnerships focusing on market research and analysis, trade missions, business matchmaking and events; Muir Redfern on six areas of expertise including proposition development, sales and distribution and marketing communications.

Cooperation since Oslo has focused on establishing a foothold in the Norwegian market. Both both parties are currently looking ahead to the UT London Conference at the end of March and are in the early stages of scoping a potential event later in the year, with NBCC.

Mark comments: ‘We have been working 19 years in the business of handholding Finnish, Icelandic, French, German and Spanish companies into the British market, so we are delighted to be making solid progress now in Norway in collaboration with Muir Redfern, the NBCC and local partner UT Prosjektet.  Our tailored sales partner search service makes full use of our extensive network of UK company contacts and is fully tried and tested, with clients able to access this independently or as part of sponsored trade mission or group market visit’.


Kevin adds: ‘My business partner Nick and I have a solid background working with international telecoms and technology companies. We set our business up last year and are making great headway in the Nordic region, working solo and in partnership with the likes of Europartnerships and NBCC. We are very much looking to strengthening our relationship with Norway and Norwegian companies in 2020 and beyond, across the spectrum of our expertise, from supply chain optimisation and brand development, to sales and distribution and marketing communications.’



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