Scene Change Creative Consultance is a longtime member of the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce. In this video Managing Director Kåre Sivertsen talks about how Scene Change is adapting and evolving through the crisis following COVID-19 and their collaboration with the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce.


About SceneChange

Drawing from their professional drama training and SceneChange help people develop their confidence, build career enhancing relationships and maximise their potential.

SceneChange provide bespoke and interactive training with an emphasis on empowering people to unleash their potential.

Using cross organisational coaching, forum theatre and interactive skills practice, SceneChange motivate and challenge staff, tackle difficult issues, highlight behaviour and develop people skills.

Scene Change’s programmes are designed to activate people to become more engaged and responsible for their own learning and development.

Scene Change’s mission is to

  • Unleash talent
  • Encourage inclusion
  • Increase confidence
  • Develop positive behaviour
  • Create inspiring leaders

SceneChange celebrate diversity and actively seek associate trainers from all races, faiths, sexual orientations, ages and physical abilities.

More information including their contact information can be found here.