Tuesday 31st of March was the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for us at the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce. We have, as many of our members, colleagues, friends and associates been heavily impacted by the sudden wave following the outbreak of COVID-19. 

A substantial part of our plan for the spring of 2020 was to hold events in London and Aberdeen for our members and associates. This saw an abrupt stop of course and with every planned event being on hold for now, we were incredibly happy to work together with the Danish-UK Association and the Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce for our first ever webinar!

The webinar was hosted by Goodwille and covered COVID-19: What if means for your UK business? The webinar was presented by Goodwille’s HR Manager Jacqueline Brown and CFO Kevin Rutter, and included an open Q&A for the attendees afterwards. It turned out to be a great success with well over 50 attendees and we are now very excited for more webinars, with the first one taking place Thursday 2nd April already (more information here).

If you missed yesterday’s webinar hosted by Goodwille, or want to rewatch it, then you can find it here: