Nuet Aquavit Celebrates 17th May With Norway’s First Online Store For Spirits. 

The newly formed company Nuet Aquavit, which has recently entered the British market with its innovative aquavit that acts as a substitute for premium gin, will now also become the first company in Norwegian history to sell spirits online. The company has a clear ambition to achieve the great export potential they see for their modern interpretation of traditional Scandinavian spirits, and online sales abroad are a clear part of that strategy.

Sales from Nuet’s own website come in addition to agreements they have with external online retailers such as Master of Malt and Whiskey Exchange, and their ambition is to grow the list further, and to ensure that as many people as possible get their own Scandinavian moments.

17th May For Everyone

The online store will open for sale on 7th May, and the company is celebrating the occasion with its own bottle dedicated to the May 17 celebration.
Co-founder Morten Pharo Halle comments: “As mentioned, our goal is to share Scandinavian moments with people around the world, and there are few moments that are more important to a Norwegian than the 17th May celebration. There are many Norwegians studying and working abroad, and I myself have experienced great celebrations both as a student in Edinburgh, where they close down the main street every year so that the Norwegians can have their 17th May march there, and in London, where Norwegians gather in numbers for celebration. Now we can make their celebration even more special, by enabling them to order our dedicated 17th May-edition bottle online and have it delivered in time. Of course, we can only sell online abroad, and that fits perfectly with our ambition to achieve the huge export potential we see in our interpretation of the traditional Scandinavian aquavit. “


Nuet Aquavit is a valued member at The Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce and they have generously offered NBCC members free shipping to the UK! The shipping costs are £15 for one bottle. The total cost will just be the price of the bottle, €20 + VAT and alcohol duties.

A massive thank you to Morten Pharo Hall and his team at Nuet Aquavit for this generous offer, and making sure Norwegians in the UK can celebrate in true Scandinavian style. To visit their webshop click here and add promo code “NuetisNBCC” at checkout.