SAS are pleased to inform that they have restarted flights again to and from the UK, after a break of several weeks.

Their representative, Niko Ek said: “Currently we are operating a short series of 6 flights between London Heathrow and Stockholm. These flights are what you may call “relief flights” to secure a transportation link between London and Scandinavia. Depending on the result of these flights and also the general development the UK and Scandinavia, we will decide on the next step regarding more flights. I am looking forward to welcoming everyone onboard our flights as soon as we start regular service again from the UK to Scandinavia.”

He continues saying: “One of our main priorities has always been safety for our passengers and employees and during these extraordinary circumstances we have introduced some additional safety measures. During the whole passenger journey we want to make sure that we can offer a safe environment. We will for example require face masks on all our flights and several procedures have been changed to minimize social contacts both onboard and at the airport.”


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