The only constant is change. Adopting the right mindset is a crucial first step if we are to navigate change successfully. It is the way we think about a change situation that determines our response.

Yesterday, Kåre Sivertsen – Director of SceneChange Creative Consultants Ltd held a fantastic webinar about embracing change and having a positive mindset. This is highly relevant in these Covid-19 days, but also beyond that.

Thank you to everyone who attended. Anyone who missed the webinar are in luck, you can watch it below.


About SceneChange Creative Consultants:

“Drawing from our professional drama training and SceneChange help people develop their confidence, build career enhancing relationships and maximise their potential.

At SceneChange, we provide bespoke and interactive training with an emphasis on empowering people to unleash their potential.

Using cross organisational coaching, forum theatre and interactive skills practice, we, at SceneChange, motivate and challenge staff, tackle difficult issues, highlight behaviour and develop people skills. Our programmes are designed to activate people to become more engaged and responsible for their own learning and development”.