The Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Røkke builds a £280million super yacht together with Nina Jensen, former Secretary General of WWF Norway.

The yacht, REV Ocean, will have no less than eight laboratories and a deep sea submarine onboard. Røkke and Jensen will invite scientists onboard where they can study the ocean, especially in context with climate change, over-fishing and plastic waste.

REV Ocean is soon ready to welcome up to 400 scientists a year and they can each stay up to four weeks while using the facilities available. The yacht will also be used for expeditions and it is currently under construction at Brattvaag, Norway, almost ready to set sail later in the year.

The yacht houses eight labs with scientific equipment worth more than £20 million as well as a submarine for three people and it can descend 1.5 miles. REV Ocean has a robot to both survey and gather samples at a depth of nearly four miles and it will also have a unique trawl system to gather fish for the laboratory. The trawl system is designed to do so without crushing the fish so they can be released unharmed.

REV Ocean can stay at sea for 120 days without needing refuelling, so it can travel to remote places and parts of the Earth making it ideal for expeditions and deep sea exploration.

Read more about REV Ocean here.

Photos by ©Guillaume-Plisson and REV Ocean.