Every year London sees over a million volunteers, artists and Pride-goers come together, united in their support of the LGBT+ community.

Londoners may not be marching this year, but now more than ever, it’s important to support and celebrate this incredible community.

That’s why London Pride’s theme for 2020 is #YouMeUsWe. It’s an online event and calls on each of us to reach out and understand one another, demanding us to be better allies.



A celebration of all LGBT+ identities

For the L’s, the G’s, the B’s and the T’s.
Plus the Allies and the Andros, Agenders and Aporas.
For the Butch, the Fluid, the Non-Binary.
The Inter, Demi & Grey – The Novi and Dyadic.
For the Maveriques and those who feel Dysphoric.

For the Aromantics, the Intersex and the gender Apathetic.
For the Questioning. For the Curious. For the Queer.

For every race. Every refugee. Every fluid identity.

For the Masculine. For the Feminine. The men and the womxn.
Ladies born as boys. And the girls who chose to change.
For the Mono, Poly, Allo, Andro, Gyno and the Pans.
For Peris, For Varis and everyone between.

Pride in London 2020.
You. Me. Us. We.

Find out more about this year’s London Pride event here.