Please welcome our new member, NameAbrand – Norway’s only professional naming agency! In this episode of Catching Up With, Kyrre talks to Tove Pharo Ronde who is the Managing Director of the innovative Norwegian company. Watch the whole interview here:


About NameAbrand

NameAbrand is Norway’s only specialized naming agency. Are there still words that are not used in names? Sure! But prepare to dig deep. Or let’s do it for you.

NameAbrand have solid expertise in branding, and actively use this knowledge in all creative name development processes. This is how we achieve faster with good, positioning and recordable names. The process is becoming less expensive compared to non-specialized agencies such as advertising and design agencies.

Why is the name so important? A strong name is an invaluable asset to any company. Countless names have already been registered. Finding a new, strong name takes considerable creative and legal skills. The future holds smaller and smaller pockets for the exposure of commercial messages.

The name must carry the story of the company/product/service, as much as possible. However, most names need a little help. We develop good names that may be legally protected, and we build and develop them further with elements such as logo design, icons and tag lines.

Get to know Managing Director Tove Pharo Ronde in the video above.