We are proud to introduce you to One Sporting World, a new member of the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce! One Sporting World is an athlete purpose movement dedicated to raising money for charities, which they do through auctioning out unique events. With the company just about ready to launch in Norway, we talked to their Norwegian Account Manager for Scandinavia, Kaja Fauske, to find out more. 

Welcome to the NBCC! How are you?

Thank you very much! I am well, thanks, I hope you are too! Strange times we live in, right?

Yes, strange times indeed! We are very happy to have One Sporting World as a new member of the NBCC, can you please tell us a bit about the company?

One Sporting World is a company dedicated to raising money for charities by creating VIP experience days. The company is based on the Legacy 300 model, which has raised over £502k in donations for good causes since 2012.

Our business model is based on us reaching out to other companies on a “Pledge now, pay later” basis. There is a set number of spots available for each event, and these are auctioned out either within the company we’re working with, or open to the public – where there is also an option to add extra donations. The money raised for the event to take place will go to the company’s chosen charity.

Can you tell us about a new project One Sporting World is currently working on?

We are excited to launch our project as a whole to Scandinavia in 2021. So far, we have only been working in the UK, and we have had an overwhelmingly positive response. Hopefully we can get the same feedback in Scandinavia.

Why did you choose to become a member of the NBCC?

We chose to become a member of the NBCC because it is a great way to build connections with new companies. To start off the process of launching in Scandinavia, we are now looking to work with Scandinavian companies in the UK. With our account manager who was born and raised in Norway, becoming a member of the NBCC seemed like the first logical step.

Excellent, thank you so much both for your time and for becoming a member of the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce! 


Please visit One Sporting World’s website here, and you can also read more about the company on NBCC’s member pages.