Corgee is an AI-powered adviser that takes care of your financial stability. The highly innovative company offers freelancers and people with unpredictable income an excellent opportunity to access financial services such as mortgage and much more. Please meet their CMO, Amir Gharzeddine, and welcome Corgee to the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce.

Hi Amir, how are you? 

I am doing well thanks, just missing traveling and meeting people face to face with the current situation and lockdown in the UK.

We are very happy to have Corgee as a new member of NBCC, can you please tell us a bit about the company? 

There are more and more people working in the gig economy, be it freelancers, delivery guys or SME owners. Most of these people are enjoy their independent work style, but there is always an element of anxiety when comes to financial stability. Corgee is a personal finance management app with a mission to improve financial security and inclusion of the gig economy workers through smart insights and gamification.

How exciting! Can you share with us what Corgee is working on at the moment? 

We just launched our website! Currently the team is working on increasing brand awareness and building up our sign-up list where we will give the final version of the app to the fist 1,000 people for free. So, what are you waiting for guys? Get your name on the list! (Sign-up here)

We do love freebies, and we are also curious to learn how does the app itself work?

As an app, Corgee works through an open banking solution and our goal is to give you the option to connect all your bank accounts in one app. This means tracking your expenses (both past and future), setting goals and tracking credit scores. Also, we will be including a credit score boost function that will inform our users on what is needed to be done for personal points to increase.

Why did Corgee choose to become a member of the NBCC?

As a Norwegian I know a lot of Norwegians who work as freelancers in the UK or who have an unpredictable income, and the best platform to share the good news about Corgee are through the NBCC. We think that together with the NBCC, we can get a stronger baseline in the UK market.

Thank you so much, Amir, and welcome to the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce!


Please visit Corgee’s website here, and follow on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook