Editorial by member Kim A. Page

As we are continuing to adjust, learning how to live with more and more uncertainty, one thing is beyond question; working from home is here to stay. And so here we are with countless online meetings and sessions. As a Communication Trainer, I watched the shift to remote working through the lens of how we increase our impact through the screen.

Like I did when I developed my toolbox with speaking, negotiating and pitching methods in real life, I used myself as an instrument; What made me lean in and want to hear more? What cues made me tune out, type emails or surf the net while my listening becomes passive?

By now I’ve had 1000s of people in my virtual hands, giving training sessions and guest talks and I host the zoominar series The Right Kind of Loud in COVID times, where we explore communication and business topics. Here’s some tips for your remote working days.

When we communicate through the screen, we go from using five senses to two senses, leaving taste, smell and touch behind while relying on visual and audio input. With this happening, our screen presence and the way we stage our background take on a whole new dimension of meaning. When we log on, our eyes are looking for connecting points. I think about it pretty much the same way I would when inviting guests at home. Instead of tidying the living room, I stage my background with fresh flowers, lights and colors. A fun way to learn about this is by following the twitter account Room Rater, often referred to in the news.

Another tool to be leveraged is the impact of our own human voice. Many of my clients are asking: What can we do to create rapport with clients and team members? One of the best ways to create a connection is an old-fashioned phone call. To enhance the effect, while you’re talking, get up and leave the screen – or your fingers will start typing and your listening decreases through multi-tasking. Just like professor Epley at Chicago Booth says in his research about the impact of the voice, the voice is much more effective than the written word when it comes to revealing our intelligence. For those who are curious to know more about the voice as a communication tool, welcome to watch my interview for the Science of Mind Magazine and download the voice chapter in my book, Sound Right.

If you would like to learn more and network with professionals around the world you are welcome to join The Right Kind of Loud Zoominars, freely offered every 2nd Wednesday at 4 pm UK. Next one is February 10th, just send a LinkedIn message to Kim A. Page or email to kimapage@kimapage.com

With wishes for The Right Kind of Noise to all of us!


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Voice interview – Science of Mind Magazine – https://fb.watch/1ZbaPElUkh/

Link to voice chapter in my book – https://kimapage.com/buy-the-book/