Trading with EU Post Transition – Navigating Through the Trade Compliance Jungle

The UK government has made £20 million available to help SME with Brexit support. Companies can apply for up to £2,000 grant to get help with
new rules.

If you have a UK-based company, you can be eligible for this grant. Among the providers that can be supported through this grant is Dutycast Ltd. The company collects all available information from the governments all over the all in one place. Their tools are cloud-based, easy accessible, user-friendly. The company calls it “google for duties, taxes, and custom” as it does not require many years of custom training. Once you sign up in their portal you can find customs, tariff, taxes applied for your products.

It takes a one minute video to learn how to use their tools.


1. Automate HS code classification
2. Automate Rule of Origin procedures
3. Control new rules in EU tariffs and VAT obligations
4. Access customs requirements paperwork when exporting to EU
5. Keep up-to-date with changing in regulations, taxes and tariffs