The Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce are proud to announce that FirstHuman has newly become a member. We had a chat with Oddi Aasheim, Partner and Performance Interventions, to learn more about the company, new projects and their innovating methods. 

Hi Oddi, how are you?

Thank you for asking. I am doing rather well, despite growing a bit tired of my home office and the constant challenge of home schooling, restricted human contact and not having been able to see my family in Norway for more than a year now. However, professionally life is very interesting these days, especially now that Leadership is being shifted from being about making things happen just at work to truly embracing what it will take to make people’s lives work as an enabler to work performance.

We are very happy to welcome FirstHuman to the NBCC, can you please tell us a bit about the company?

Imagine a new level of leadership that frees up individuals, organisations and communities to deliver the extraordinary. At FirstHuman, we partner with leaders to create Potent Environments where new things are possible. It’s an environment where you build deep relationships, hold powerful conversations and accomplish ambitious missions. We don’t work with a conventional management consultancy playbook; you won’t find blueprints, best practices or peer-group comparisons. Instead, with business and HR leaders, we co-create bespoke performance interventions, cultural transformations and leadership development programmes that deliver extraordinary results.

For example, CEVA Logistics is a worldwide $8bn logistics company, with 58,000 employees. They were struggling to expand their business and had a high staff turnover. To successfully IPO they needed to demonstrate profitable growth. In this challenging context we partnered with the executive team and customised our Leading Extraordinary Performance programme to elevate 150+ senior leaders across the globe. To ensure immediate impact from the LEP, everyone participating had to deliver a project – a breakthrough effort that would demonstrate to themselves and the organisation that getting results at a whole new level was possible. For CEVA, these ranged from building depots that were entirely robot-controlled to designing new land routes from China to Europe. The uplift in profitability was immediate and saw CEVA successfully IPO. Top talent turnover fell by 60% and the constant external search to fill leadership positions was scaled down significantly.

Would you like to share with us what FirstHuman is currently working on? 

One of our current clients has given me permission to share a little about what we are up to. A medical services company that serves 10s of thousands people in their homes who need medical follow-up, realised that they are in a position to transform the whole market place they operate in. We supported their leadership team to break free from their annual X% improvement and growth habit and get connected to what is actually possible for them. Subsequently, we supported them in building a strategy to deliver on this ambition and we are now focusing on elevating the leadership capability and capacity of the organisation to drive the strategy to fulfilment.

We are also expanding our community of leaders we support informally by hosting a series of Executive Roundtables where we have co-hosts from various companies and enquire into relevant leadership issues that they are interested in. These are confidential peer-to-peer discussions in small groups where there is a safe space for executives to exchange insights and support each other. During this pandemic it was especially stark to see how internally focused many executives became in the fight to keep things working and found value in a place where they could connect with others faced with similar circumstances and gain new perspectives and useful connections.

Finally, we are curious to learn why you chose to become a member of the NBCC?

Yes, sure I can. The reason for FirstHuman to sign up as a member of NBCC is mainly for us to become a more accessible resource for its members and for NBCC itself. Whether that be connecting the NBCC network into our own leadership networks to the benefit of all parties or to be a support for anyone seeking to embark on a leadership journey that generates results beyond what people would ordinarily expect.

Thank you so much for your time, Oddi, and welcome to the NBCC!

Please visit FirstHuman’s beautiful website and connect with them on LinkedIn

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