“Would you be interested in doing social media and marketing for the NBCC?”. I got the question in December 2019 and the person asking was of course Kyrre Haugen, the General Manager of the NBCC. I said yes straight away and started wrapping my head around my new job. 

It’s been quite a journey, to say the least. We’ve grown about ten times our followers on LinkedIn and I’ve lost track of the number of events, webinars, videos, interviews and projects I’ve been fortunate to be involved with over the last year and a half, of course organised with the changes due to both Brexit and the pandemic in mind.  

What a time to work with social media and marketing. I couldn’t have done it without Kyrre and of course NBCC’s brilliant Event Coordinator, Niosha. It’s been (excuse my non professional term here) an absolute blast to work with this dream team. I also want to thank NBCC’s President Annett Åbø for her help and support, the very kind people at our Council Board, our lovely interns and especially Renate Davidsen Klungland. I have very much enjoyed working with our colleagues in the other Nordic chambers, and I would also like to say thank you to you as a follower and perhaps a member who I’ve been lucky enough to work with through the NBCC.

Alas, here we are. June 2021 and I’ve moved back to Bergen, Norway. Norway is slowly reopening and so is the music industry where my background and education is from. Recently I was asked if I wanted to work with live music both as a singer and for a new music festival just north of Bergen. Offers I just couldn’t say no to, and so here we are. The auto reply is on so from now on please reach out to kyrre@nbccuk.com with enquiries for social media and marketing. 

Till we meet again!