She Loves Tech, the world’s largest startup competition for women, is back for its 7th edition on October 6th 2021; and its bigger than ever before!

Don’t miss the pitch of a lifetime – startups will be competing to win up to $50,000 from She Loves Tech, Teja Ventures and Asian Development Bank Ventures, special media and mentorship prizes, fast track access to our partner funds and accelerator programs, and in-house advisory services among others. Maila Reeves of Arbrook Partners is running the first ever UK only round, which will showcase on October 6th.

The competition was created by an international non-profit organisation committed to closing the funding gap for female entrepreneurs, and building an ecosystem for technology, entrepreneurship and innovation that creates opportunities for women.

She Loves Tech 2021 will be held across 40+ countries. The UK strand will be open to entries from the 7th June and closes on the 15th of August with the main event in the UK happening on 6th October 2021. The global final will be Q4 2021.

Read more about the competition and apply here


Criteria and Rules of the Competition

Startup Eligibility

Stage: Seeking seed, angel or A round funding (under US$5M) with at least a minimum viable product (past conceptual stage)

Focus / Gender lens:

  1. At least ONE (1) female entrepreneur in founding team who is using technology to solve a problem

– OR –

  1. Any entrepreneur (male or female) who is using technology to impact women positively:
  • Are a significant proportion of end-users or consumers female?
  • Are products specifically designed with women users in mind?
  • Does the product itself address a problem that disproportionately affects women?
  • Technology: All startups must be technology-based startups. For the avoidance of doubt, technology is defined as the use of science and innovation to invent useful things or to solve problems. This extends beyond digital, information or internet-based technology and covers everything from hardware to the creation of new products and solutions to existing problems.
  • Geography: Startups may apply from any part of the world. However, each startup may only apply for ONE (1) local competition round with consideration of whether the country or region where they reside, work or have operations in has a round or not. If they come from a country without a pitching round then they should apply to their nearest competition round. For inconsistencies, registrations may be relocated by She Loves Tech.
  • Pitching Language: Language should be considered on a case by case basis. English is the preferred language for pitches but not absolutely required to ensure inclusivity in applications.