The Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that Saari has newly become a member.

Saari Ltd is a London-based strategic digital marketing and communications agency founded by Nikke Österback. Nordic at heart with the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce Saari are looking to explore opportunities with fast growing Nordic B2B and B2C companies already investing into their international marketing and sales development.

Saari builds on expertise from working with companies such as Railsbank, Visa, Amazon, Red Bull, Genelec, Fiskolía, Novopayment, Warner and Burberry across a variety of industries in a wide range of sectors from fintech, tech/startups, automotive, aquaculture, aviation and entertainment.

Saari services range from digital sales development, digital marketing, advertising, partnerships and strategic consulting. Other Saari projects relate to brand building, PR, design, and web development.

CEO and Founder Nikke Österback says: ‘With Norwegian companies we are particularly interested in discussions relating to international market entry and what digital marketing can do for sales development. Especially in B2B there is a huge opportunity in the marketplace to grow but also a necessity to follow and learn from traditionally a more B2C approach.  If in today’s world everyone is a brand surely every B2B business is a brand without a question! Before we even discuss how brands need to present themselves and act like good corporate citizens.’