ZECA Cachaça – Brazil’s precious spirit connects with NBCC.

ZECA Cachaça – a fine artisan cachaça hailing from the lush green mountains of Brazil’s hidden Zona Da Mata, in Minas Gerais. This premium cachaça is masterfully hand-crafted by the Matos family estate for over 100 years using only traditional methods: ZECA is distilled in old alambiques, directly from the once-pressed sugar cane grown at high altitude, resulting in a perfectly balanced cachaça with hints of dark wood, spice and exotic botanicals.

The brand celebrates the seductive beauty of this precious gem stones region and its inhabitants, in particular the indigenous Tamandua anteaters, a natural pest control in the process of cachaça making.

The name ZECA pays homage to Joseph ‘Zeca’ de Matos, first of the family to be born in Brazil, son of the pioneer Antonio de Matos who bravely moved from Portugal in 1891 to settle in the untamed region of Minas Gerais.

ZECA makes its way back to Europe, by the hands of Zeca’s grandson, Marcos Matos.  “My family and I are very excited to join the NBCC and that our much loved cachaça is going to served at this year’s 115 year celebration.” Marcos is the proud grandson of Joseph ‘ZECA’ de Matos, whose inspirational legacy lives on through this magical drink. Marcos proudly carries the family’s values and traditions forward into this global brand.

With a vibrant, eye catching amethyst logo featuring the Tamandua anteater, ZECA is set to revolutionise how the cocktail scene views cachaça. Cachaça and rum lovers are encouraged to drink it neat or over a single block of ice in order to experience the full spectrum of flavours that make up ZECA Cachaça. Cocktail enthusiasts can try it simply with brewed Ginger Beer or a hand-crafted Lemonade for a delicious, cocktail effective result that might rival the attention of the G&T lover.


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