Kim A. Page is the woman behind #TheRightKindOfLoud. She is an entrepreneur, coach and communication trainer with a global track record. Whether you speak to her clients across Europe, the US or the Middle East, they will all agree to the same – they wouldn’t have found their right kind of loud without Kims help. 

NBCC + Kim A. Page = True

Our collaboration with Kim began in the spring of 2020. She started off as a guest speaker at our “Negotiating across cultures” panel debate. At the event, experiences of negotiations between Norwegian and English parties were highlighted. In addition, we looked at how cultural differences can impact how you should conduct meetings and discussions. It was a rocking success and we couldn’t let Kim go. So at our women in finance/investment event at the International Women’s Day (IWD) celebration, Kim was our moderator. Then the ball was rolling and our companionship has kept growing. 

Getting the Right Kind of Loud means knowing how to adjust to the person you are trying to reach, fine-tuning to the situation and the kind of influence you are looking for. It’s having the tools to make your mark and leave your audience hungry for more. 

The Right Kind of Loud Online is a “learning by doing” program. During this 7-week program, you will access your leadership voice and develop a hosting mindset allowing you to maximise your meetings and connect with your audience.


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