We are happy to welcome Zaptec as a member of the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce!

The Norwegian EV charging producer Zaptec established itself in the British market earlier this year, and as a natural extension of its commitment to the British market, it became a member of the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce.

We are thrilled to participate in the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce as a Norwegian company working to electrify light-duty vehicles in Great Britain and beyond. It’s key for Zaptec to participate in meeting other stakeholders and engaging with those through the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce” says Mr. Anders Thingbø, CEO of Zaptec.

Based on the west coast of Norway, Zaptec is a fast-growing green tech company specialising in smart EV charging systems. Within just a few years, Zaptec’s technology has been adopted by a significant portion of the private, EV-using public, thereby assuring domestic market leadership. As a market leader in a country that is already leading in the development of green mobility infrastructure, Zaptec’s ambitions stretch beyond Norway’s borders as they establish a foothold in foreign markets, from Europe to the USA.

We are really pleased to now be a member of the NBCC furthering trade and development with Norwegian / British businesses but more importantly working together to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.  28% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the UK come from transport and together we can help reduce this impact whilst realising commercial opportunities by switching to an electric fleet.