We have a new member we are extremely excited about!

Give Opportunity Global (GOG) is a volunteer-led NGO based here in London, Charity No. 1156367. They support children to access education in Africa through building schools, classrooms and education sponsorship. In addition, they support women economic empowerment to alleviate poverty through micro-finance schemes.

So far, they have helped to build 5 schools, educated over 11,000 children to access education and some of the children have gone on to graduate as doctors, teachers, nurses, lawyers, administrators to mention but a few.

Further, they have uplifted over 3,050 women and youth out of poverty, through their economic empowerment projects. Entrepreneurship and innovation are at the heart of their mission to empower women as one of the main actors to address the inequalities and achieve UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to end poverty.

As a volunteer-led charity, they rely on good people like you who give their free time and together collectively we make a difference to thousands of children and women in Africa. They (and we) invite you to get involved in their charity, there is so much you can do to help. GOG would like to hear from you and please contact them at their charity email to find out more: info@gog.org.uk