A highly relevant topic on the agenda is decarbonisation and hydrogen. Therefore, we are greatly excited to have Aker Clean Hydrogen as our new member.

Aker Clean Hydrogen was established to develop, build, own, and operate clean hydrogen production at an industrial scale. Their portfolio of industrial clean hydrogen projects and prospects has a total capacity of more than 1 GW under development and an additional pipeline and opportunities of more than 4 GW at the time of writing. 

Why hydrogen? Because hydrogen has the potential to close as much as 50% of the gap in CO2 emissions required to achieve the 2-degree scenario. This holds special importance for industrial companies and the shipping sector as they are responsible for a large carbon footprint. 

The company has several ongoing projects in Norway and South America to develop clean hydrogen and ammonia plants for offtake towards the shipping industry, agriculture and off-grid communities such as in the Arctic. 

If you are interested in learning more, they have a very accessible website!

The future looks promising with Aker Clean Hydrogen on the team.