We are fortunate to have Andreas B Heide with us for a fireside chat and he will be interviewed by Hari Vamadevan.


Andreas is a renowned arctic adventurer, explorer, expedition captain and marine scientist, who has made a significant contribution to marine and arctic research and conservation. Most recently, he planned and led the Arctic Sense expedition, of which NBCC is proud to be a collaborating partner and which embodies our two countries’ cooperation in the Arctic region.

From Stavanger, Andreas holds an MSc in Marine Biology and has a diverse background working with and for the ocean. He is a former Navy diver and parachutist with experience in fisheries export, scientific work at the Institute of Marine Research and business development in the oil and gas industry.

An expedition sailor, Andreas uses his boat S.V. BARBA as a platform and tool for ocean conservation. He’s perhaps best known for his extraordinary encounters while diving with whales in Arctic waters. He has received global attention for his work using whales as ocean ambassadors and this summer has led a collaborative four-month scientific and communications expedition, Arctic Sense, over 3,000 nautical miles between Norway and the UK via the polar Atlantic researching, documenting and sharing valuable information and untold stories about marine life in the region.

British Ambassador to Norway Richard Wood says, “The Arctic Sense Expedition is especially timely and important in this Decade of Ocean Science, and the UK’s Presidency of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow in November. The expedition, and the insights gathered from it, will add tremendous value to environmental science education and to science communication in general. Raising awareness of the state of our planet, and communicating the importance of these issues is crucial. The UK, through its COP26 Presidency, and as a climate action leader, supports such endeavours, and hopes it will help push forward international momentum and action towards our global goal of mitigating climate change – today and beyond”.


Hari Vamadevan is Senior Vice President at DNV.  He is currently the head of DNV’s Energy Systems operations in the UK and Ireland. He leads a 700-strong advisory and assurance team across the entire Energy System – Renewables, Power Grids and Oil & Gas – focused on helping customers making the transition to a decarbonised energy future. Hari is also chair of all DNV’s UK entities. 


Hari joined DNV in 2005 when DNV acquired Jardine Consulting where Hari was Managing Director.  Since joining DNV he has also held senior management roles in Maritime and Oil and Gas.  He is a graduate of Imperial College, London and holds a master’s in chemical engineering.