We are extremely appreciative of Marks & Clerk’s extensive knowledge as one of the world’s leading IP firms. They have contributed to our webinars and events on several occasions, and it doesn’t end there. Marks & Clerk is also one of our sponsors for our 115-year anniversary in November! 

For more than a century, Marks & Clerk has been a prominent, global intellectual property firm with extensive experience in providing businesses of all shapes and sizes with people whose legal, commercial and technical expertise exactly meets their needs. The firm’s large team of attorneys, commercial lawyers and IP litigators has helped thousands of businesses enforce and maximise the value of their intellectual property, from providing advice on branding in relation to The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics to helping develop the IP strategy of household names from the Food & Drink sector.

The firm’s forward-thinking approach sees them sit at the forefront of global innovation with a thriving Digital Transformation practice that covers AI, Blockchain, XR/VR, Industry 4.0 and Data & Connectivity. In this capacity, they have handled more successful AI filings with the EPO than any other firm in Europe, and supply specialist advice and training to members of key XR organisations such as Immerse UK and XR Nation. Furthermore, the firm continues to enjoy successful relationships with a number of organisations across the Nordic region including through their membership of the UT Project.


Thank you Marks & Clerk for continuing to support NBCCs mission!