We are very happy to have Oury Clark on board as one of our sponsors for the 115th anniversary in March!

Their pioneering integrated approach to professional services cuts through the complicated layers of the legal and accountancy world to give you straightforward joined-up advice and opinions. Their expert team of accounting and legal professionals work closely together to provide intelligent and pragmatic solutions.

Want a lawyer who doesn’t understand finance? Or an accountant who doesn’t understand the law?

No, nor do Oury Clark.

Established in 1935, Oury Clark has 130 staff  working across offices in London and by Heathrow

They have been working with Norwegian companies for decades, and have helped more than 2600 companies from around the world expand into the UK in the last 10 years alone (we need to update this figure it’s probably going up – add up all the companies in the gains list for last 10 years sometimes)

Their full list of services is way too long to mention each of them here but if you are looking to do business in the UK they can help with things like registering a corporate entity, immigration requirements, local commercial knowledge as well as a multitude of back-office services.

You can find a fuller list of their services here and find out more about their approach in this short video.

If you want a firm with great knowledge, experience and people who will give you straight-talking financial, legal and business advice then we know who we would recommend! Come to our 115th-anniversary party to meet representatives from Oury Clark!