Our diverse range of members is beneficial for everyone. One who stands unique is Wastefront. We are happy to announce Wastefront as a sponsor for our 115th-anniversary celebration!

Your parents might have said, “just throw it, it is just waste”?

Well, Wastefront has its firm attention on providing a solution to the massively underreported problem with End-of-Life tyre waste (waste plastics equally troublesome “little brother”)!

Wastefront provides a local solution to a global problem; a recycling solution which makes so much more sense than exporting waste tyres to developing countries, sending them to stockpiles or landfills, or burning them in cement kilns.

More than 29m MT of End-of-Life tires goes to waste every year, and only a small portion ends up being recycled to valuable products.Wastefront recycles the waste tyres into commodities such as biofuels and carbon black which can be recycled into new products such as (you guessed it) tyres . Genius you said? Well, you should have thought about it sooner!


Wastefront recently got the backing from the city planners of the City of Sunderland to go ahead with its plans to build the ‘UK’s greenest tyre recycling plant’ at Port of Sunderland. When finished it will represent the largest ever investment at the North Sea hub. The plant will be operational by 2024, and then creating around 100 skilled jobs! With all the liquid hydrocarbons that are going to be available, they have already secured Vitol as a buyer for 10 years.


Their ambition of creating a new circular economy for dealing with waste issues seems to be well underway. We have no doubts that Wastefront will be a huge contributor to a cleaner future for us all by addressing this waste problem. Hopefully, they’re not joining just to profit from all of our waste…Either reason, thank you for joining us!