Our newest member is coming in like a rocket! They are also sponsoring our 115th-anniversary celebration! Bring a round of applause for Flokk!

Flokk specialises in high quality, sustainably made furniture designs for workplaces. Trust us, their office chairs are as excellent to sit in as they look! The company is a product of mergers over the years between HÅG (Norway), RH and Offecct (Sweden), RBM (Denmark). BMA (Netherlands), Profim (Poland) and Giroflex (Switzerland). It enabled them to offer a “House of Brands” ​​offering a wide range of seating solutions, tables, and accessories for working spaces. 


As market leaders, they push boundaries every day to take environmental and social responsibilities meanwhile creating fashionable and comfortable furniture. For example, the HÅG Capisco chair, one of the most iconic chair designs, was the first-ever office chair to receive the Nordic Svan Ecolabel. And Flokk believes the new HÅG Tion may be the most sustainable chair for work ever made, as it is made almost entirely of post-consumer recycled waste materials. 

 With this in mind, it is with no doubt that they manage to motivate their employees to put their heart and mind into the work process. Just from their Nordic factory in Røros they manage to produce 235 000 chairs a year!! The whole world is now looking to Scandinavia for how to create an active and sustainable lifestyle. 

When their furniture is designed to improve the well-being and performance of its users it is no wonder why a single factory can make so many. Their designs are based upon comprehensive research into the everyday needs and ways of working for ordinary, hard-working humans. Because after all, that’s their customers and those that need to be satisfied.


If you are curious as to what “Flokk” means then we have acquired a pretty accurate description from their website: “Flokk is the Norwegian word for flock, which in its most basic terms means a group or a gathering. But it can be much more than that. A Flokk is synonymous with a group, defined by a common idea or goal. It’s about being part of something greater than yourself while fulfilling your own personality and identity. We like to think that our Flokk is greater than the sum of its parts.”


Come be a part of the NBCC flock at our 115th anniversary and have a chat with the representatives from Flokk about how they managed to strengthen their market position, decrease their ecological footprint and have two acquisitions during a pandemic! Get your ticket here: https://nbcc.ticketco.events/uk/en/e/nbcc_115th_anniversary_19062021