We are continuously expanding our member network, and the newest addition is Imrandd Ltd.


Imrandd provides Asset Integrity and Asset Management, Engineering and Consultancy services to industry.

As a business and as individuals, we push the boundaries of traditional integrity management, unravelling complex problems, identifying and delivering the best solution, whilst keeping the performance of our customers’ assets at the forefront.

We are dedicated to maximising the value of data, reducing cost and managing risk, and generating long term sustainability for our customers.

IMRANDD has a global client base, operating across Europe, West Africa and the Middle East.


As the business grows, Imrandd is looking to international markets to broaden our reach and customer base. 

With close links between the Aberdeen and Norwegian business communities, a partnership with NBCC was a natural choice as we develop and begin our journey into the Norwegian marketplace. The Imrandd team is really looking forward to taking an active part in the events programme, networking with our Norwegian counterparts and forging strong alliances and partnerships as we go.

Please tell us some about what exciting/innovative/new project are you working on, or about to start with? 

With an in-house R&D team and a strong focus on the needs of current and future industry challenges, Imrandd always has something exciting in the pipeline!

EXACT was launched in 2020 to tackle the challenges presented by inspection workflow inefficiencies, delivering a faster, simpler, and more cost-effective way of solving integrity management problems. 

Using Advanced Integrity Data Analytics (AIDATM) Exact cleanses, corrects, and interprets large data sets, then maps and predicts equipment degradation to deliver actionable insights guaranteed to significantly reduce OPEX and improve asset integrity management and plant reliability.

EXACT’s soon-to-be-launched big brother, ALERT, will take data analytics in Integrity Management to a new level, working in near real-time to collate, correlate, and analyse chemical, process and integrity data to predict current and future conditions. It provides an intuitive representation of the condition of your asset systems, including ambient conditions, degradation hot spots and remaining life.

Why did you choose to become a member of NBCC?

Founded by two entrepreneurs who have worked in the North Sea energy industry for over 30 years, Imrandd is headquartered in Aberdeen. We are a diverse and outward-facing organisation, always looking to the wider business community at home and abroad for inspiration, opportunity and community.

With long-standing shared interests between Scotland and Norway, the NBCC was a natural choice to get to know the Norwegian marketplace and the companies operating within it.


Do you have views on the importance of technology, insight, ingenuity and talent, as we aim to make a better future for everyone?

Imrandd is a company built on the power of data. Using data more efficiently to bring actionable insights to our clients and the wider business community and to drive better business decision making in the field of Asset Integrity Management are at the core of all our services.

Digitisation and advances in technology are hot topics across many industries where process and inspection data are routinely collected. Many companies are working hard to stay ahead of the curve, but at Imrandd we are wholly invested in the digital evolution of asset and integrity management. Cleansed, sorted data lies at the heart of our philosophy; with this in place, a new generation of analytics tools like Exact and Alert can revolutionise the way that large assets are managed and the way that they deliver profits back to owning companies.