Listen to this special episode of BWB where the team from BWB were joined by Kyrre Haugan, General Manager of the NBCC.

We were lucky enough to have them attending our 115th Anniversary event. There they recorded a special version of Business vs. Bullsh*t, on the ground, with guests who were attending the event, which, let’s say, became more and more colourful as the night progressed. In this episode, you get to hear the night’s recordings alongside hearing from Kyrre about all things NBCC.

Loads of fun in this one, all for a good cause. Pull up a chair and press play. You can find the full episode here or at your chosen podcast app.


The Oury Clark hosted podcast is a podcast that takes a sideways look at modern business talking to founders & entrepreneurs about the problems they face and how they solve them.

Oury Clark are Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Solicitors, Consultants, Recruitment and Financial Advisors based in London and Slough offering a breadth of services to both large and small companies as well as individuals.

Established in 1935, Oury Clark has over 85 years experience in offering commercial solutions to its clients, from large multinationals to tiny startups. It provides a unique combination of professional services including legal, accounting, tax, financial, payroll & recruitment; all specialists work together to cut through the complicated layers of the legal and accountancy world to present simplified, straightforward advice. It has offices in London and Slough and helps businesses from all over the world set up in the UK.