A heartily welcome to one of our newest members, Lundhs!


Welcome to the NBCC! Could you give us a short introduction to your company (who are you, what are you doing etc)?

Thank you, and of course! Lundhs is the largest producer of natural stone in Northern Europe. We extract rough blocks of high-quality stones from our quarries in Norway and export our materials to stone factories around the world. Here the stones are processed into large stone panels or tiles. The most common areas of use are worksurfaces for kitchens and bathrooms, shopfronts, façades and tiles for walls and flooring.  Our head office and most of our quarries are located in Larvik, Norway.

We manage a non-renewable resource; natural stone, larvikite and anorthosite, from Norway. This gives us a very special responsibility where we must ensure that the stone is extracted, used and reused in the most sustainable way possible.

Sustainable consumption and production are about doing more with fewer resources.
At Lundhs we want to stimulate more sustainable solutions for the building materials industry by offering the right stone for the right purpose, and reducing the need for refurbishment, maintenance and replacement of surface materials.

We promote the almost endless possibilities of use for architects, designers, developers and homeowners under the Lundhs Real Stone® brand.

Lundhs Real Stone® is a collection of 100% natural stones from Norway made from Larvikite and Anorthosite. Crafted by nature millions of years ago, the exceptional stones combine unique aesthetics with excellent performance – an ideal surface choice for demanding indoor and outdoor surfaces. Our stones are available through a selected network of factories and distributors in Europe, the USA and Asia. 

What is your relevance/ connection to NBCC?

The UK is a very important market for Lundhs. Our natural stones have been used for worksurfaces, shopfronts and façades in this market for many years. Since we now are stepping up our efforts and investments in the UK, we see that the NBCC will give us the possibility to connect with and be part of a strong and knowledgeable group of companies working in this market.


Again, welcome on board and allow us for getting to know you better! We are looking forward to cooperating with you!