It’s time to get to know our member, Stellium Datacenter, a bit better! We had a chat with them and you can dive into it below 🙂 


Stellium Datacenters operates the largest purpose-built carrier-neutral data centre campus in the UK and is the home of the UKs newest Internet Exchange NCL-IX.  (Newcastle Internet Exchange). 

Stellium’s Tier 3+ data centre campus has a guaranteed availability of at least 99.982%, is ISO-27001, ISO-14001, ISO-9001, ISO-20000, ISO-22301, PSN Network and Cyber Essentials+ certified, with direct access to sustainable power. 

Stellium offers the highest quality connectivity to local, national, and global fibre networks, for low-latency, high-capacity open network connection. In addition to being the UK’s only data centre hosting the cable landing station for the new Altibox Carrier/NO-UK cable from the Nordics, Stellium’s data centre is also the UK hub for data transmitted between the United States, the UK and Europe on the North Atlantic Loop, a new transatlantic subsea fibre network provided by Aquacomms. 


What is your relevance/ connection to NBCC?

Stellium is the UK cable landing site for the NO-UK Cable Project delivering high quality dark fiber connections between Norway and the UK. The project has enabled Norway to become part of a global edge/core data network.     

The fiber cable is operated by Altibox Carrier.  

The NO-UK cable connects Stellium Data Centers campus in Newcastle and Green Mountain Data Center in Stavanger Norway. The new cable dramatically increases connectivity between Norway and UK and onward into Ireland and the US. Stellium is a vital part of that global IT digital infrastructure connectivity and the meeting place for data transfer from USA to Northern Europe. 

Stellium’s onsite internet exchange NCL-IX provides peering exchange services for the North of UK region and to an even larger community of networks and data centres in the Nordics. 


If you could sum up in one sentence why you chose to become a member of NBCC, what would you say then?  

 Access to the NBCC trade directory and networking opportunities within its business community, as well as access to NBCC excellent events. 


What exciting/innovative/new project are you working on, or about to start with?  

Stellium have lots of exciting projects at the moment, as a technology company, you need to be constantly evolving. The most notable projects at the moment are our subsea cables. Being the only UK data centre with cable landing stations, we are able to serve customers between the UK, Norway and the USA with direct, high speed point to point or internet services. 


What are your links to UK/ Norway (depending on where your headquarter is)? 

We work with many Nordic businesses and trade associations but as previously mentioned, we have a direct link with the NO-UK cable system. This connects our headquarters in Newcastle, directly to Green Mountain datacentre in Norway. We also have an Aberdeen office and dedicated account manager who works directly with the energy industry, which indirectly serves the Nordics. 


Where do you think trade between Norway and UK will be in 10 years? 

I believe that trade between the UK and Norway will go from strength to strength. With the UK now able to make its own trade deals, this should help two of the largest energy producing nations to work in closer harmony and paving the way for the rest of industry. It is becoming more and more common for businesses to have dual nationality between Norway and Scotland but with the working world becoming a smaller place, I see this becoming a standard across the whole of the UK. 


Do you have views on the importance of technology, insight, ingenuity and talent, as we aim to make a better future for everyone? 

Technology is the great enabler in working together. Cable systems, datacentres, cloud and new technologies mean you can work together from anywhere in the world with no lag or degradation in service. Talent in a bigger issue as organisations no longer consider geography when hiring meaning a bigger fight for the best individuals but with the appeal of working between the Nordics and the UK, business can overcome this. 


Interested in knowing more? Have a look at their Stellium Datacenters Brochure and Stellium Latency brochure.