We are excited to welcome our newest member AEL Electrical to NBCC!


AEL was founded in 1981 and has since become a leading Specialist Electrical Distributor, with particular expertise in hazardous area electrical, control & automation and subsea products to various industries. We recently celebrated our landmark 40th anniversary last year and have grown from our North East roots to become an internationally-recognised group of companies which comprises AEL Aberdeen Limited, AEL Americas Inc and AEL Electrical Mexico S. de R.L de C.V.

With revenues divided 70%/30% between overseas and domestic markets, the unique mix of geographic spread, and continuity created by 100% family ownership are key factors in the enduring success throughout our decades in business. Our reputation is built on our commitment to providing our customers with high quality electrical and subsea products that meet industry standards and requirements.

With a wide global network that spans over four continents and covers strategic markets worldwide, we are able to ensure our services and products are delivered. A long-term presence in Azerbaijan is providing a springboard for further expansion across the Middle East, including Turkey, whilst emerging opportunities in Norway will be served from the Aberdeen office.

With current business in Norway increasing, we see it as the next logical step for AEL to take within its International growth and establish a presence in country along with staff at some point. Over the past 18 months, turnover from Norway has increased from various industries and we see the synergy between Scotland and Norway as an opportunity to grow

international trade and investment between the two countries across a range of sectors and industries.


Why did you join NBCC?

We see joining the chamber as a way of broadening our networking opportunities and gain further insight into industry and how business is done on a local level in Norway.


As we look to further establish relationships and a local presence within country, the NBCC can introduce ourselves to key decision makers of other member companies that can be beneficial to both companies