Say hi to our newest member, Oxford Research!

Oxford Research is a specialised consultancy providing services to governmental and non-governmental clients in the EU and Norway, at both national and local level. They were founded in 1995, and their office in Kristiansand, Norway, has around 20 employees.  


The company has extensive experience in analysing regional, national and international innovation eco systems, and enabling authorities, organisations and businesses to achieve the best possible results in a sustainable manner.

Although Oxford Research has offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltics, Poland, and an EU office in Brussels, they are particularly interested in Nordic businesses entering the UK market.  

They have joined NBCC in order to provide our organisation and members with insight into these processes, and start the dialogue on our knowledge requirements in the exciting times to come.  


Rune Stiberg-Jamt, CEO 


What interesting/innovative/new project are you currently working on, or about to start? 

Oxford Research is currently positioning itself as one of the leading consultancies for the business support system promoting green and sustainable industrial developments and exports.   

We have just finished evaluating Innovation Norway’s ocean wind project in the French market, where we revealed the importance of a joint strategic effort from companies and the Team Norway institutions, including the chamber of commerce. In addition, we are just starting up an evaluation of The Explorer portal, the official marketplace for green and sustainable technology from Norway, where several NBCC members have registered their solutions.   

 Where do you think trade between Norway and UK will be in 10 years? 

While we are unable to quantify the anticipated figures, it seems safe to say that we completely agree that the business opportunities identified, inter alia, in NBCC’s work, regarding clean energy, health tech, aquaculture, green shipping and education, indicate that there is plenty of potential for an increase in trade between Norway and UK. 

Do you have views on the importance of technology, insight, ingenuity and talent, as we aim to create a better future for everyone? 

Of course, these are the four cornerstones of development to achieve both our business and societal goals. In addition, we would like to add another factor – skills – that is more dynamic and malleable and that we can develop through systematic sharing of knowledge and experiences.