The Fintech and Finance sectors have been evolving in front of our eyes, transforming our relationship with financial services. Technologies such as AI and ML have given businesses the tools to process data to better understand their organisations, supply chains and customers, as well as the wider sectors and markets they operate in.

Our member Bulk Data Centers AS asked senior executives in the Fintech and Finance space to give us their views on the growing use of data-intensive technologies, the benefits to their companies and the impact on their sustainability goals.

The findings were insightful:

✅ 66% said AI will be most vital to their future growth

✅ Over a third had seen an increase of 50-100% in data usage and storage needs in the past three years

✅ Over half said they are concerned about their company’s environmental impact

✅ Over half said their company has explored or plans to explore alternatives to their current #DataStorage infrastructure

You can read the full report here 👉