Happy days now that Decom Engineering is a part of the NBCC community!

Decom Engineering is an industry leader in off-shore and on-shore decommissioning solutions, specialising in greener faster and safer saw cutting and pipe coating removal.

At Decom Engineering, we are moving toward being the global leader in green decommissioning solutions and our mission is to improve the safety, efficiency and environmental results of the decommissioning sector.

Decom Engineering applications and solutions

C1 Chop Saw- Our C1 Chop Saw range covers 2-to-36-inch OD pipe and can be deployed and operated within the harshest working conditions, including subsea. It is a versatile single-blade cutter with the ability to clamp and cut a wide range of sizes and types with the same saw.

Pipe coating removal- Our CRM system is the fastest on the market globally .Our solution recycles the pipe into a usable and certified product therefore unlocking the value of the pipe and reducing the carbon footprint of the industry.