Let’s learn more about our new NBCC member, Atara Partners!

Atara Partners was set up to move away from the deficiencies of traditional Executive Search and re-appropriate it to work with early-stage tech start-ups. Away from the slow, inefficient, faceless and exorbitantly expensive processes that really jarred with the way most of these companies work. Why should you wait 12 weeks before seeing anyone for a first stage interview?! Atara Partners align ourselves with our clients working practices, working in sprints to deliver on-brief candidates in a timeframe that is appropriate for Founders and start-ups! We very much position ourselves as a partner and in effect, an extension of the PR department of our clients, as such we are able to immerse ourselves at client level and understand the nuances that help us deliver the perfect candidate. 


With our extensive networks within the team as well as our collaboration with HotTopics.ht, we have a vast global network of executives (over 15,000 at C-Level) that we can tap into immediately to speak with the best industry experts as we conduct our exhaustive search. With the running of events both online and face-to-face, we bring people together in communities in order to network, discuss and share ideas and thought leadership.  


We don’t see our role starting and stopping with taking on a role and filling it. We want to connect people and go on the entire client journey, assisting from a hiring perspective along the way but also facilitating and developing people and relationships along the way! 


What is your relevance/ connection to NBCC 

From their former career’s, Atara Partners’ founders Rob and Jody, have very strong Scandinavian networks and connections and love the Nordic approach to business and life in general! It’s their desire to build on this and create the strongest possible links to help enable emerging businesses from the region at all stages of their growth journeys. 


What exciting/innovative/new project are you working on, or about to start with?  

We are looking at ways to increase our networking and community activities using the Metaverse…watch this space!

What are your links to UK/ Norway (depending on where your headquarter is)? 

Our former lives have been spent working with companies from all over Scandinavia including Norway, we’re headquartered in London but have a very strong Scandinavian presence, employees in South Africa and Chile so we’re truly global. 

Why did you choose to become a member of NBCC? 

We really want to increase our network in Norway and embed ourselves in this incredibly exciting ecosystem, becoming a member and working with the NBCC seemed like an absolute no-brainer to help us achieve this. 

Where do you think trade between Norway and UK will be in 10 years? 

If you look at where it was 10 years ago, it could well be 10x that growth again, it’s genuinely exciting times now and with the economic landscape as it is currently, we believe the best will shine through even more strongly than before. Norway has a deserved reputation of excellence around it’s start-up scene, we feel and hope, it could benefit more than others as a result. 


Join Atara Partners for their first event of 2023! 

You are invited to a lively panel discussion on one of the biggest challenges facing modern leaders, and the topics we need to confront to address it. Within today’s working environment, how do we maintain trust? How do we define fairness? How do we build communities? How does engagement relate to bias and inclusion? These challenges are compounded in remote and distributed workforces.

More information about the event can be found here >>