We are delighted to introduce Arribatec Hospitality, a company that is part of Arribatec Group ASA, a public listed company on the Oslo Stock Exchange.  

Arribatec Hospitality is a self-service provider for hotels, delivering kiosks and web-applications for self check-in and check-out. Our innovative technology enables hotels to enhance their guest experience while streamlining their operations. 

As a company with strong connections to both Norway and the UK, we are excited to become a member of the NBCC. Our presence in Norway allows us to tap into the country’s vibrant tech scene, while our UK connections enable us to engage with a global business hub. Arribatec already has an office in Leicester, and we are exploring how we can leverage this location to establish our own presence in the UK. 

We believe that being part of the NBCC network will open exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth. 


In terms of our projects, we are currently working on developing new features for our self-service platform, including room upgrades, contactless payments and integration with hotel loyalty programs. We believe that these enhancements will further streamline hotel operations and provide guests with an even more seamless experience. Expanding our international presence beyond the Nordic countries is a key focus for us, and we view the UK market as a highly relevant opportunity to pursue. This is one of the main reasons why we sought to become a member of the NBCC. 


Regarding our links to Norway and the UK, our headquarters is located in Oslo, Norway, and we have a growing presence in the UK market. We are committed to fostering strong ties between the two countries and believe that our membership in the NBCC will help us achieve this goal. 


We chose to become a member of the NBCC because we believe in the power of networking and collaboration. We are excited to engage with the NBCC community and leverage the network’s resources to expand our business. 

Looking ahead, we believe that trade between Norway and the UK will continue to grow in the next 10 years. We are optimistic about the opportunities presented by increased cooperation between the two countries and are committed to playing a part in this growth. 


Finally, we strongly believe in the importance of technology and talent in creating a better future for everyone. As a tech-focused company, we are committed to harnessing the power of innovation to create meaningful change and drive sustainable growth. 


Thank you for the opportunity to introduce us to the NBCC community, and we look forward to building fruitful partnerships in the future