Many of you were introduced to Energy Valley at our Energetic Future event last year. Shortly after this, they became one of NBCC’s Network Partners.  

In one month’s time, Energy Valley will be hosting Energy:Connected, an international conference that centres on the dynamic crossroads of innovation, energy policy, and technology. The event will emphasise the pivotal role of renewables and digitalisation, including AI, in propelling transformative change within the energy industry. NBCC members, Partners, and Network Partners can enjoy a discounted rate for the conference.  You can find the member offer here >>

As a prelude to the conference and to give Energy Valley a proper introduction, we had a chat with their Head of Ecosystems, Annie Kristi Korsmo. 


Great to have a chat with you Annie! For those who are not that familiar with Energy Valley, who are you and what are you doing? 

Energy Valley is a technology cluster led by industry experts and recognised by Innovation Norway as a Norwegian Center of Expertise (NCE) in energy technology. With our esteemed national status, this cluster actively collaborates with global industry partners across the entire spectrum of the energy industry. 

More importantly, we are a membership organisation. We work closely with our members and partners to support the development and deployment of energy technologies, promote knowledge sharing, and contribute to the overall growth and transformation of the energy sector in Norway and beyond.  


You have an upcoming conference – Energy:Connected – tell us a bit more about that.  

Energy:Connected is our signature conference, and this year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary! It started as a small exhibition in Telenor Arena and has evolved into an internationally recognised conference with over 700 attending delegates.  

The conference provides a platform for industry professionals, policymakers, researchers, and experts to come together and discuss the latest developments, trends, and innovations in the energy sector. It serves as a hub for networking, knowledge sharing, and exploring potential collaborations. Attendees are given an opportunity to discuss and explore new business opportunities through keynotes, panel discussions, interactive sessions, and our exhibition. Topics of discussion include renewable energy, energy storage, digitalisation, and more. 


That sounds very comprehensive! In a few words, what can attendees expect to gain from the conference? 

Attendees can expect to meet peer professionals within the energy industry. Our high-quality speakers will give you the latest updates on research and development conducted worldwide. I’m sure that there will be something for everyone in the industry as we can offer more than 40 sessions, many of them given by international speakers.  

You will also get to hear more about the very exciting “Future Energy leaders” project we have in cooperation with the WEC (World Energy Council). The project is an initiative by the World Energy Council (WEC) that identifies and empowers young professionals in the energy sector. FELP offers workshops, networking events, and mentorship to develop leadership skills and a global perspective on energy challenges. It aims to create a network of young energy professionals ready to address the evolving energy landscape and contribute to a sustainable future. 

Lastly, the conference is a great place to meet and network with old and new connections. During the day at the conference or in the evening, in partnership with Fornebu Music & Arts Festival, the FOMA festival.  

FOMA Festival is a meeting place and an arena that will create experiences, development, and innovation when music, culture, and subjects are shared. Some of the artists that will be performing are Ellie Goulding, Royksopp, Postgirobygget and Bernhoft. 


OK, I am definitely going 😉 Before we round off with some easy fun facts, why did you choose to become a member of NBCC? 

It was a natural move after the collaboration and networking we had already been doing. We have already co-hosted events together and keep exploring the synergies between our two organisations. We add value to both organisations by introducing each other to our different worlds.  


Finally, let’s get to know you Annie a bit better! 

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring three items, what would they be? 

A solar power generator, my mobile phone, and mascara.  

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned recently? 

Work-wise, I keep learning and am constantly surprised at how things are always connected and how evolvements in one area affect other areas. 

Favourite drink? 


Which song can you not get out of your mind these days? 

Oh, it’s all Eurovision, but especially Queen of the Kings by Allessandra and Tattoo by Loreen. 

What plans do you have for the summer? 

Beach holiday in Spain – I cannot wait!