NECCUS is an alliance of industry, government and academia united by their determination to drive the changes and programmes needed to reduce carbon emissions from industrial sources in Scotland and beyond. 

NECCUS (pronounced nexus) was established in 2019 recognising the fact that industrial decarbonisation is the vital next step for tackling climate change, being a source for over 1/5th of all UK emissions. 

Simply shutting down industries and factories isn’t an option. We have to find a way to keep industry and people working without harming our environment. That’s why NECCUS has come together as an alliance to support the solutions needed to decarbonise industry. 

In establishing NECCUS we also recognised that Scotland was the obvious choice in which to begin this journey to net zero. Scotland has committed to being net zero by 2045, five years ahead of the rest of the UK. Scotland is the only country to establish a Just Transition Commission – ( and has set out to ensure no one is left economically disadvantaged as we decarbonise our homes and industries. Scotland also has some unique advantages that will allow rapid and cost effective progress. 

NECCUS now has over 50 membership organisations in the alliance, representing the majority of current industrial emissions in Scotland, and the organisations who can help to abate these emissions. 

The aim of NECCUS is to promote and champion industrial decarbonisation across Scotland on behalf of its members through co-operation and collaboration.