New member interview: Struktur Messe & Display 

Please welcome new NBCC member, Struktur Messer & Display. To get to know them a bit better we had a chat with Managing Director, Jan Ove Urheim. 

Hi Jan Ove and welcome aboard. For our members and followers who don’t know you, can you tell us a bit about the company? 

Struktur Messer & Display AS specialises in Energy events – where we organise our own pavilions or run pavilions for public authorities/organisations. Other business shows are primarily related to aquaculture and shipping. We also do single stands for customers.  

Under our Commercial Norwegian Pavilion concept, we organise Norwegian pavilions at oil & gas shows worldwide. In the UK our main show is the biennial Offshore Europe in Aberdeen, where our company is responsible for the Norwegian pavilion that ranges from 10 to 40 companies – depending on the activity at the UKCS. We also do shows in London, and Aviemore is on our calendar for next year. 

What is yourconnection to NBCC? 

Dating back to 2011 we have collaborated with NBCC regarding events and functions related to larger exhibitions, primarily in Aberdeen.  We have shared information on companies planning to exhibit or establish in the UK and several times sponsored NBCC draws with prizes.  

What exciting/innovative/new project are you working on, or about to start with?   

Trying to assemble a Norwegian cluster at Aqua Culture UK 2024.   

Where do you think trade between Norway and the UK will be in 10 years?  

Still blooming and the UK, or independent countries in the British Isles, will remain one of Norway’s largest trading partners. The industries might alter a bit, but will still revolve around energy, seafood, and shipping, as well as services and products related to these. I see no dramatic change either way.   

Let’s hope so! Do you have views on the importance of technology, insight, ingenuity, and talent, as we aim to make a better future for everyone?  

The world has always been technology driven. New ideas and technologies that challenge existing beliefs are what make the future better for both individuals and businesses.  

Looking back, our predecessors did much that was right that we still build our societies on, but there was also some horrible behaviour that we cannot accept today. Still, experience is the only thing you cannot study at a university – you have to acquire it over time.    

In the same way today, young upcoming talents might want to improve everything overnight, feeling that the well-established men and women hold them back. Previous generations were eager to make their mark on the future.  

As highly innovative nations both Norway and the UK are dependent on talented well-educated generations to keep and improve today’s standard of living.  As there is less reliance on manual work and more reliance on advanced technological aids to run our daily lives, our industries, and the whole of society, our challenge is to continuously upgrade our expertise.  

Please visit their website for more information or get in touch with Jan Ove.