In the transition to renewable industries, it is crucial to recognize and preserve the valuable competence and technology developed within the oil and gas sector.

GCE Ocean Technology is a cluster “born” in the oil and gas industry, but now moreover dedicated to promoting green transition and sustained growth in the ocean industries.

With over 130+ partners spanning the offshore value chain, from subsea oil and gas extraction to renewable energy and marine mineral exploration, we bring together entrepreneurs, corporates, universities, research institutions, and capital providers to drive progress across the entire ocean sector.

Through networking, experience sharing, and collaboration, we provide our members with opportunities to advance in this field.

Joining the NBCC as a member is a natural extension of our commitment to international collaboration and business expansion. By becoming a member, we aim to establish meaningful connections, foster bilateral relationships, and contribute to the growth of the Norwegian-British business ecosystem.

Although we are headquartered in Bergen, Norway our ties to the UK are significant. As a member of the global BlueTech Cluster Alliance, we actively engage with UK clusters such as the Cornwall Marine Network and Marine South East, facilitating collaborations and exchanging innovative ideas.

Moreover, we have a fruitful partnership with EMEC in Orkney, organizing study tours and collaborating on various initiatives that expand our industry insights and network.

Despite pandemic disruptions, we are eager to resume study tours in Orkney, leveraging our relationship with EMEC and strengthening our ties with the UK.

Additionally, we have established a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ICIT at Heriot Watt University where we collaborate on creating an optimal ecosystem that fosters innovation and commercialization in coastal and ocean-based green energy industries, developing and supporting initiatives for the production and utilization of hydrogen across different sectors, common events and more.

Furthermore, we actively organize delegations and tours to prominent UK conferences such as GOW, Oceanology, and Ocean Business in Southampton. These engagements facilitate interactions with industry peers, provide insights into the UK market landscape, and open doors to potential business opportunities.

Through our collaborations and partnerships with UK entities, we have established a strong foundation for knowledge exchange, partnership development, and access to the UK’s vast ocean technology ecosystem.

We aim to further strengthen these connections through a membership in the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC). The NBCC serves as a vital bridge, offering extensive networking opportunities, knowledge sharing platforms, and access to new business prospects for our partners and members. Similarly, we warmly welcome UK delegations to our facilities. Recently, we hosted Innovate UK and a delegation of 12 UK companies from the ocean industries sector, and had a few, lovely hours with learning and knowledge exchange. We are looking forward to strengthening our ties to the UK through this membership.