About NBCC

The Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) is an important organisation for the Norwegian-British business community in the UK. NBCC is an independent non-profit organisation with a membership consisting of more than 100 Norwegian and British companies, as well as a large number of personal members. NBCC was founded in 1906 and welcomes companies and individuals from Norway, the UK and other countries, who wish to be part of the business community. Since its creation more than 100 years ago, NBCC has played a significant role in strengthening trade relations between the two countries.


NBCC's mission is to promote trade and investment between Norway and the UK, and to provide a professional and social arena for business people. NBCC provides business and networking opportunities and encourages dialogue and exchange of experience between members. NBCC works closely with government bodies and other trade organisations, including the Norwegian Embassy, Innovation Norway and other bilateral Chambers of Commerce.


NBCC have three main functions:

  • To create a forum for professional and social networking for members
  • To act as a channel between members and the Norwegian and British authorities on particular topics of special interest to the members
  • To participate in the debate regarding trade and policy issues which are of concern to members both in Britain and in Norway

Member Benefits


  • Connects business people and businesses and facilitates new business opportunities
  • Organises more than 40 business events per year – for influence, learning and networking
  • Provides marketing and advertising opportunities
  • Membership gives credibility


NBCC is governed by a Council elected by the members. The Council comprises senior managers from Norwegian and British member companies. A cross-section of industries is represented and Council members come from companies of all sizes. The NBCC is run by a General Manager chosen by the Council.

Team Norway for Norwegian Business

The Norwegian Foreign Service, Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Seafood Council and the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) have come together in Team Norway to promote Norway`s economic interests and support Norwegian companies abroad.

Team Norway was launched by the Norwegian Government in August 2013 as an overarching project to provide more effective support to Norwegian companies abroad. This is achieved through enhanced coordination and closer cooperation in Team Norway, which is chaired locally by the Norwegian ambassadors.

In the UK, Team Norway includes the Embassy, the Innovation Norway London Office, the London Office of the Norwegian Seafood Council, as well as the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC).

NBCC Partners

NBCC has 18 partner members - whose support is vital for the Chamber’s activities. Statoil is NBCC’s main partner. Other NBCC partners are: Aker Solutions, CB&I, Consultare Ltd, Danske Bank, DNB, DNV GL, Dorsey, Evry, KBR, Nordea, Norseland, Petroleum Technology Company (PTC), Progressive GE, SAS, SEB, Statkraft, Wikborg Rein. Senior Directors of these companies make up NBCC’s Advisory Board which acts as a Business Council for the Norwegian Ambassador to the UK.

NBCC’s Aberdeen Chapter

The Aberdeen Chapter was successfully launched in 2006 and is active in promoting Norwegian-British trade in the Aberdeen area. NBCC hosts Wednesday drinks and various sector specific activities in Aberdeen. Through its Aberdeen chapter NBCC acknowledges the importance of the region in Norwegian-British trade relations.