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The NBCC is happy to invite our members to attend the 2021 Norwegian-UK Seafood Summit held by the Norwegian Seafood Council on January 20th live digital from London. The headline for the conference is: “Navigating the seafood industry through Brexit, coronavirus and changing consumer behaviour”.

The official agenda will be announced soon but for now, here’s a snapshot for what’s in store.

Expectations for the UK economy in 2021.
Matthew Oxenford from The Economist gives predictions for the UK’s economy after Brexit and coronavirus.

Practical advice on dealing with Brexit.
A deep dive with industry leaders into challenges, opportunities, and practicalities to protect and develop supply chains with a new post Brexit trading regime.

E-commerce and seafood in lockdown and beyond.
When lockdown began, Online’s share of UK Grocery grew from 8% to 13% – matching the gains made in the twelve years prior to the pandemic. This has impacted all categories, and Seafood is no exception. James McKenna of Kantar will provide insight on the below areas before a panel of industry experts explore how our industry can capitalise on these.

  • How impactful has Online spend been for Seafood in 2020?
  • Which shoppers are driving this change?
  • Why do these shoppers utilize Online?
  • Will this change remain, and how will Seafood be impacted?

Connect with industry peers, speakers, and species analysts in our virtual exhibition space and chat rooms

Please follow this link to sign up 2021 Norwegian-UK Seafood Summit

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