October 1


09:00 am - 03:00 pm

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Den Norske Bank

The Walbrook 25 Walbrook, London, EC4N 8AF

London, GB, EC4N 8AF

The prime objectives of the programme is to open up new perspectives, exchange of experience and to give all participants a frame of reference to work from through Gallus Strengthsfinder. It is important to underline that the prime objective is to develop and improve the leadership capabilities and talent of the participants to make them even better leaders in and for their businesses.

It is for the mentee and mentor to agree, what the objectives for the work they wish to conduct are going to be and what they expect from one another, as it is expected that the mentor will gain new insights and experience from the programme as well. These objectives should be written down and signed off by both parties.

If, after six months the participants wish to continue the programme it is entirely up to the participants.

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The day’s agenda: 

1)    General presentation of participants
2)    Getting to know one another
3)    Presentation of Gallups Strengthsfinder
       a)    How to interpret the results
       b)    Understanding your own Strengthsfinder results
       c)    Next steps
4)    Group Work on Strengthsfinder
5)    LUNCH
6)    What is a leadership Mentor
7)    How to work going forward between mentee/mentor and setting an agenda
8)    Regular meetings
9)    Next Programme Meeting
10)  Any Other Business

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