Promotional Opportunities

Through offering members a variety of promotional opportunities, NBCC wants to contribute to creating visibility for Norwegian-British business, knowledge building and information sharing. Please find listed the various options below.

For more information about advertising via NBCC and technical specifications, please visit our Place Advertising page.

Trade Directory

NBCC’s Trade Directory contains information about the bilateral trade between Norway and Britain, as well as a list of all members, including contact details. The directory contains a comprehensive list of Norwegian companies doing business in the UK and UK companies involved in trade to Norway. The Trade Directory is updated regularly and continues to be a valuable source of information for our members who can access it via our website. The Trade Directory is a highly sought-after member benefit.


Make use of our brand new website to gain exposure! Both members and associates visit our website regularly in order to check the events calendar, to sign up for events, seek information or administer their membership. Banners are available.

Connections Magazine

Our e-newsletter is sent out fortnightly to a distribution list of approximately 5000 e-mail addresses. It includes Norwegian- British news, events updates, member-to-member announcements and an events calendar. Banners are available.

E-mail Campaign

We send out e-mail campaigns on behalf of NBCC Partners. E-mail campaigns are distributed to approximately 2500 e-mail addresses.

Member Offers

Corporate members and Sole Trader members may provide special offers to other NBCC members, for instance discounted services or consultations. Member-to-member offers will be marketed in our Connections magazine, the Trade Directory, on the website and in other marketing material. It is an excellent and cost-free way of gaining additional visibility for your company.

Host an Event

As a Corporate member you may co-host a business event together with NBCC. This will allow you to provide a speaker for the event and to present your company. NBCC members and associates, as well as you own clients and contacts will be invited. We will discuss the programme, format, target group and all practical details with you. NBCC will then prepare everything according to the agreed plan. There will be a sponsorship/admin fee involved, which normally would include the costs of catering.

Sponsor an Event

Corporate members are invited to sponsor one of our existing events and thus gain extensive visibility. As an event sponsor the company’s logo will be used on all written and electronic communication and information material related to the event. Normally there will also be an opportunity for the company to set up a small stand or to hand out marketing material at the event. Please have a look at our events calendar or contact the secretariat to discuss.

Corporate video

The video will be featured under NBCC TV.
Please contact the secretariat for more information.