Our mission is to connect Norwegian Young Professionals to the UK/world and the young professionals of the UK/world to Norway.

We will arrange social events, such as networking and specific activities to promote connections and relations between our members and businesses. ‘Professional’ events, such as talks and master-classes which will help our members develop and gain knowledge.

“Joining the NBCC as a new graduate to London, has helped open up multiple opportunities to network with expertise and graduates from industries across a wide variety of sectors. These experiences combined with the great social comradery organised by the NBCC and YP group has been excellent for career development through meeting likeminded people at events. I really enjoyed the Wikborg Rein event and learning about their global shipping offshore team from a partner, followed of course by some delicious Scandinavian nibbles!”

Fergus Ingledew, Engineer


Lotte Westfal-Larsen Prytz

YP Coordinator at NBCC

Helge Thoresen Paasche

Graphics / content creator / marketing

Selja Vassnes

Control Risks